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Welcome to my website. I am a macroeconomist with interests in public policy research and applied economic theory. Comments and suggestions about my recent research (below) are most welcome.

I can be reached at: frank.caliendo@usu.edu


Much of my current research is at the intersection of public policy and decision making under uncertainty. For example, I am interested in understanding how uncertainty about the timing and structure of Social Security reform affects household decision making and welfare. I am also interested in evaluating the degree to which Social Security systems provide adequate insurance against the risks of permanent job loss and disability.


I teach courses in mathematical economics to bright students in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. I also serve as the head of a fast-growing and vibrant group of students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Economics and Finance.

Working Papers

The Cost of Uncertainty about the Timing of Social Security Reform

Joint with Aspen Gorry and Sita Slavov

Commitment and Welfare

Joint with Scott Findley

Policy Uncertainty and Bank Bailouts

Joint with Nick Guo and Jason Smith

The Welfare Cost of Retirement Uncertainty

Joint with Maria Casanova and Aspen Gorry and Sita Slavov

Coming soon

Survival Ambiguity and Welfare

Joint with Aspen Gorry and Sita Slavov


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